Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This is my first attempt at blogging. And this attempt is made with an intention of making this a food blog. Why a food blog?? If anyone had this questions... here comes the answer. I enjoy food. In terms of cooking and handling various ingredients and the way they all come together to make various explosive combinatios. I ofcourse do enjoy eating too...but not as much as i do cooking. Cooking to me is a therapy. And according to my darling husband the taste of anything depends on what kind of a mood I was in while cooking.:):):). I will try to add the pictures of any reciepe that will be published here. The first picture I am going to add is my first attempt of making a pineapple upside down cake. Will have figure out how to add pictures on the blog first.

YEAHHHHH Did that. Figured out how to post a picture.

This cake was baked for christmas of 2005. I followed a recipe told to me by a friend looong ago.What I did not remember I Improvised.



1. Betty Crocker Pineapple cake mix


3.Oil-1/3 cup

4.Pineapple Juice

5.Brown Sugar-1/2 cup

6.Butter-5 table spoons

7.Pancake Syrup-2 table spoons

8. One can of Pineapple rings


Butter a cake pan.

In a thick bottom pan bring butter syrup to a boil on medium heat and then add brown sugar. In about 45 seconds the mixture will start boiling. Turn the stove off and pour the mixture into the cake pan.

Open the pineapple can and try to blot as much liquid as possible from the pineapple rings. Place them in the cake pan on the top of the mixture.

Prepare the cake mix exactly as it says on the instructions. Only variation is use pineapple juice instead of water

Pour the cake mix into the pan on the pineapple and bake according to the instructions on the pan.

VOILA....Pineapple upside down cake is ready.

My almost 3 year old daughter absolutly LOVED this one. And I can see that I will be making a lot of this cake in future.:):)

Anybody who visits my blog please leave me a comment on how you liked it.


Blogger Tanuja said...

Hi santhi ur little one so cute:)

2/09/2006 09:14:00 AM  
Blogger Santhi said...

Thank You Tanuja.
I tried to go to your blog but could not.
Please give me a link to your blog

2/09/2006 11:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Add some marachino cherries or nuts to the topping. Cherries after baking, nuts during baking w/the pineapple. To give it panache/more color. All that work and then a dull lookng cake? A paper/doillies would punch it up also. Presentation is important. Thanks for the receipe.

4/04/2006 06:28:00 AM  
Blogger Santhi said...

Hi anonymous,

Totally agree with you about the presentation part. have been making effort to make things look better and hope that it has been visible in pictures taken after this post

. I am an absolute novice at baking. I am hoping to get better at it soon. :)

4/04/2006 08:43:00 AM  
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